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We develop long-term partnerships with reseller companies based on mutual trust and respect. We are familiar with high standards and a high quality of commercialized products.

Customer satisfaction is our success which is guaranteed by advantageous delivery terms, professional consulting and after-sales services.
Partnership benefits
We develop strong relationships based on trust, respect and efficiency with each of our partners. For those who want to grow with us and are willing to invest in growing their business, we offer the following benefits:

Quick access to a complete catalog of high quality products specially designed for the B2B environment

Using an efficient product search system and simplifying the purchase process on the site

We allow you access on the platform dedicated to the resellers, which offers you the opportunity to benefit from unique offers and to constantly keep track of the products purchased.

We offer specialized help through the order assistant in each procurement process that will allow you access to the order history, information about invoices or purchased products.

We can reduce the time and cost of delivering the products by implementing the dropshipping service within your online store

Ordered products that are out of stock are kept in the backorder and will be delivered as soon as possible

We offer the possibility to filter the products within the online store by its type depending on the cluster, group, subgroup or product or after the active offers on the site depending on news, promotions, brands or stock liquidations.

We offer specialized help in the promotion campaigns and loyalty programs both online and offline.

Complete concepts of the famous brands to maximize the profit margin obtained from the sale

We offer specialized training to be always up to date with the latest techniques and strategies for sales, marketing or customer loyalty.

You can place orders within our portal no matter what time the order is sent

We frequently conduct promotions designed to help partners in their business

The delivery system allows us to distribute the products in maximum 24 hours in the county residence, respectively in maximum 48 hours anywhere in Romania.
Let’s meet each other in the hope of a successful collaboration.
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